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Expressive Arts Therapy Is a Culturally Relevant Practice Humans have recognized these forms of trauma reparation for millennia : By Cathy Malchiodi


How Movement Therapy Can Heal Traumatic Stress : By Maggie Fazeli Fard

Image I recently spent One month experiencing in-patient pain management, dealing with the affects of Fibromyalgia and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder . Much of the work involved Trigger Point Therapy and movement therapies such as Feldenkrais Method , Tai Chi  and Hydrotherapy or Aqua Therapy . These gentle exercises are performed using mindfulness techniques, safe self soothing and self regulation education and boundary work. The combination resulted in me being the master of my own healing, giving me the ability to be my own movement therapist at home while only requiring intermittent out-patient support to keep me on track.

6 Breathing Techniques That Calm Your Brain and Body Instantly : By Debbie Hampton