Managing Mask Anxiety : By Mairead Ashcroft

I have created a short series of videos to assist those who may be experiencing Mask Anxiety.
 The series consists of Exposure Therapy techniques that you can use at home to use at your own pace.

1.  Introduction - What is Mask Anxiety?

2.  Familiarization - Learning about masks, their construction and their functions

3.  Small Steps - Getting used to the feel of the mask without wearing it

4.  Keep Going - Wearing your mask, breathing techniques.

The link to the video series is here. Managing mask anxiety

Please feel free to move backwards and forwards through the video content to suit your personal needs. For example: You may choose to spend added time in Small Steps, experiencing the feel of the mask material on different parts of your skin before you move on to the next video.
If at any time you feel overwhelmed, please stop, take a break, breathe deeply and slowly, have sips of cold water and settle yourself until you are ready to give it another try.

It is important in this instance to look after yourself, contact your mental health practitioner if needed. If you do not currently work with a practitioner, your local GP can help or you can find counsellor details online. Many counsellors can provide online counselling if you wish.

If you or a loved one experiences an Emergency Mental Health Crisis in Australia, please call 000

For immediate contact with a counsellor in Australia, please contact: 

Life Line          131114      
Beyond Blue    1300 224 636
Headspace      1800 650 890 (12-25 age group)
Mensline          1300 789 978


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