Fibromyalgia Documentary - Getting Our Lives Back

I am in the midst of a fibromyalgia relapse, struggling every day to put one foot in front of the other and feeling exhausted before I go to sleep and just as exhausted on waking. I have had this conditions for almost 20 years and know that although things are tough at the moment, I will recover again. Recovery has never meant that I feel any better than about 80% but over the years I have learned and developed my own strategies to cope and live a fulfilling life. My greatest saviour is creativity, no matter how small the process. Having the ability to create a new focus can block the pain and fatigue of FM allowing a break in the distress created by this long term illness. Writing this blog, creating art, searching for inspiring images on the internet and listening to music relieve my pain and relax my distressed mind. Now that my children are grown I now can rest when required. This was very difficult to manage when my parental responsibilities were high. I learned to prioritise, minimise my expectations and be kind to myself in order to participate in my childrens lives.For example: I could have a spotless house or choose to watch my children play sport, I could not manage both. When I think back, my favorite memories are never about the time that all of my laundry was folded.
Today I am in pain. Today I am so tired that my body feels to heavy for me to carry. Today I feel unable to do what I would like to do. BUT- I am lucky. Today I am loved by my husband and children. Today I have a warm and comfortable home, good food and supportive medical practitioners. And in a few tomorrows I will begin to recover again.

Live your Bliss


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