Trauma, Self-Regulation, and Expressive Arts Therapy The fundamentals of stabilization are found through the arts. By: Cathy Malchiodi

You may (or may not) have noticed that my posts have been a bit space of late. This has been due to a re-awakening of symptoms of Complex P.T.S.D. Frightening memories and present day betrayal and denial of my needs from important figures in my life, temporarily shattered my sense of self. It was as if I was a child again. Unable to navigate my emotions, not knowing what day it was and being unable to connect to my own needs. I experiences internal and external pain due to Fibromyalgia, and was hospitalised for one month. While in hospital, I painted...………….and painted.

A massive part of my recovery over many years has been to engage in creative processes of many kinds and to practice body focused interventions enabling self-regulation. Processing through Creativity brings me back to Self. 

This article by Cathy Malchiodi offers insights into how Creative Arts Processes offer safe methods of self exploration, amongst other positive healing and calming practices connecting the mind, body and spirit. 

Coming to My Senses by Cathy Malchiodi 


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