What is a Super Moon (Perigee) and why is humanity attracted to it? : By Mairead Ashcroft

We are about to experience one of two Super Moons for 2020. The first will be on Tuesday 10th March and the next will be Wednesday 8th April. The occurrence of the two super moons appearing in the sky, seemingly turning night into day to our ancestors has had spiritual significance for thousands of years. Today, many religions continue to practice rituals on and during these events. A Super Moon appears when a Full Moon or New Moon occurs at a time when the moon is closest to the Earth in orbit. March 10th and April 8th are both evenings of the Full Moon. 

Throughout history and across many cultures, the moon is believed to hold divine feminine energy and is commonly referred to as Sister Moon. During her monthly elliptical cycles, she orbits around the Earth in an egg shape, creating Perigee (Super Moon) or Apogee (Micro Moon) The sacredness of the moon has been connected with the basic rhythms of life and the universe, known to influence the tides, seasons, the behaviours of animals and vegetation.  It is not surprising that our ancestors venerated the rhythms of Sister Moon who turned night into day. 

We are entering a time of Perigee right now and in the event of clear skies, we may witness the spectacular show of at moon rise, 14% larger and 40% Brighter than we usually see. It is often natures spectacular gifts that continue to keep me in wonderment and sometimes it is the fragility of their presence that makes their witnessing such a blessing. I am looking forward to   to being a part of this natural phenomenon and I encourage you bathe in the wonder, as our ancestors befor us have done. If you live for 100 years, you will only have 200 opportunities to experience a Super Moon minus rainy or cloudy nights. Our universe offers us so many spectacular and wonderous opportunities, some on a massive scale and others microscopic. It is up to us to be awake and see what is in front of us.

Live your Bliss