Woman - This is ME! By Mairead Ashcroft

If you or friends are looking for a group of women who are on the cusp of transformation and self discovery, "Woman -This is ME! " might just be the Women's Tribe for you.
Bring your Strengths, Vulnerabilities, Gifts and all that is YOU to our gatherings, twice monthly, or share your thoughts and ideas on this page, to experience, share and learn from our Collective Feminine Wisdom
We honour and welcome all who identify as female. As your facilitator, I will ensure you are safely held and respected while on your unique path, whatever it may be.
Although this is not a counselling group, our gathering will still be focusing on confidential, strengths based, fun and positive experiences, offering authentic giving, receiving and witnessing.

Medicine Women,  
Sacred Feminine,  
Self Care,
Working Women,  
Nature and the Universe,  Indigenous Wisdom,  
Gender Identity,
Birth, Life, Death Cycle  
The Arts,  
Working at Home,  
Maiden, Mother and Crone,  Transformation,  
Inner Strength, 
Managing the Modern World,  
Ancient Wisdom  
Magic and Myth

Situated on Pier Street Altona, between Altona Beach and Cherry Lake, you may chose to take advantage of the opportunity everything that nature provides.
After our time together you may head into the many amenities that Altona has on offer such as café 's, shops, the Joel Gallery, Altona Library, two op shops, bars and restaurants, parks and clubs.
Alternatively, if you don't live in Melbourne, Australia, you might like to join our face book group     Woman - This is ME! and become an active member in conversations or try activities and share them with us.
Any profit made by Woman - This is ME! will be donated to Women's Health West -  
Live your Bliss