Frida Kahlo: identity in art Role model for generations of artists, bisexual women and people with disabilities : By Marijke Everts 

Freda Kahlo has had an
enormous influence on my career choices. It was through the example of her bravery, and the helping hand of a generous stranger, that I became a Creative Arts Therapist.  

I too, suffer with chronic pain, I too have my daemons, and I to express my pain and triumphs in expressive ways. When I was first introduced to her work, I was using a walking stick for pain and suffering with multiple seizures and chronic fatigue. 

During my years of therapy and while working on my recovery, I gained my qualifications in Art Therapy and Holistic Counselling. When I needed extra support, I would play "FREDA", the 2002 biographical movie, to recharge my inspiration. I am still in recovery as there is no cure for my ailments, but my management is helped so much by engaging in creativity , expressing gratefulness and celebrating what works well and by being kind to myself and others as we all face our individual challenges.

Live your Bliss


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